Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart (Brian McKnight)

Key: Cm (relative minor of Eb major)

Intro: Cm7(9)....|Fm7....
       Bb    ....|Ebsus4..Eb
Verse 1
Cm7(9)                  Ab(maj9)
   I remember days and nights were never cold
 Eb/G                  Fm7           
Had you in my life, I had you there to hold
Cm7(9)                    Ab(maj9)              
 And I remember love warm as a summer day
Fm7                     Fm7/Ab (Adim)  Bb
 But I lost you, and I lost    my     way
        Eb/G                       Fm7/Ab  Bb
Now I'm in the rain, begging you please  please

                      Cm7(9)               Fm7    
     Baby won't you show me the way, back to your heart
     Let me see a sign
          Bb(7)       Ebsus4  Eb        Bb/D  Cm7
     To know if I'm close or far, lead me   back 
                       Cm7        Fm7/Ab  
     To the road that leads back to your arms
           Gb          (Bbsus4..Bb)
     Back to your arms, Ooh

Verse 2
Cm7(9)                              Ab(maj9)
 Every night another lonely street, I walk down alone
 Eb/G                        Fm7
Searching for a light, your light to lead me home
Cm7(9)                              Ab
 Leave a candle in the window and, let it shine for me
Fm7                           Fm7/Ab - Adim  Bb 
 Take my hand and take these tears         away
         Eb/G                      Fm7/Ab
I can't take the pain, I'm on my knees   
Begging you please

Bridge (Guitar): Bm....| Em7....
                 A ....| Dsus4..D..

Bridge (Vocal):  Em7
                   Take my hand
                 Em7       Abdim   A
                   Take me in your arms
                 I'm out in the dark
                              Em7/A              Bb(add9)
                 Down on my knees, begging you please

     Outro: E             Dbm7  Cm9
             Back to your arms

Fm7/Ab = Ab6 (substitute with Ab if that's what you hear/prefer)
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