Guitar Lesson Series – Part 2: Strings, Basic Notes Names

Welcome to Part 2 – I don’t know why it took me 10 minutes of footage to tell you that a guitar usually has 6 strings and in standard tuning, they are EADGBE. Anyway, if you don’t feel like watching the video, that’s cool but know that you’re missing out on my awesome soothing boring voice (don’t listen to it while operating heavy machinery). Nonetheless, the video does cover some other ..maybe the more important of all the notes to remember in some key frets (fret 3, fret 5, and fret 7).

Knowing the some key note names from the 5th and 6 strings on fret 3, 5 and 7 are very important because it will help you know the names notes on all the strings regardless of frets. This is of course begs the question, why do you have to know the names of any notes on the frets.

The short answer is:

  1. it allows you understand build chords and understand what notes go into a chord
  2. it’s cool…i think…(don’t be a snob about it though ;-))

The long answer is in the next post (Part 3)


Guitar Lesson Series – Part 1: Lesson Overview & Intro Guitar

In this lesson, you will learn the overall goals of this series. A lot of  times, when we learn guitar, we do so by remembering shapes of the basic chords (e.g. shape your fingers this way to play a C chord).

This is a great step as first step and allows you to play many popular songs, and for many of us, those open chords and a couple of barre chords (F and B) will be all we need to play our favorites songs. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that will offer these types of lessons.

My favorite genre of music to play is R&B, and therefore what I was trying to do with this series is to expand the basics a bit so that you understood what notes make up a chord (e.g. C major is composed of C, E and G notes), and therefore will give you the options play that same chord in a different share (to get a different voicing), or add an extension to it (e.g. C7, Cmaj7, etc..).

This means that if the song called you to play a Cmaj7, you would not be intimidated by the name and would be able to break it down and construct it (e.g. for those who are curious, C major 7 is: C, E, G, B ….B is the 7th note of the C major scale which makes the chord a Cmaj7). R&B, especially tend to use these types of chords (maj7, m7, maj9, min9) and it’s helpful to understand how they are built. Obviously, there’s still the part of about knowing where to place your fingers on the guitar fretboard, but the goal is to help you understand why you’re shaping your fingers that way.

This type of lesson is of course part of what’s called Music Theory, which can sound intimidating to beginner guitar players, but all it means is : it is teaching us how things work.

Compared to guitar players, piano players tend to be better with theory because there is a bit more emphasis on it in their lesson (not saying that guitar teacher don’t teach music theory) and stuff like scales tend to be easier to learn on the piano because the notes on the keyboard are linear as opposed to the guitar).

Anyway,  in addition to the lesson overview, the first video also provides you with basic things about guitar parts (top, fretboard, neck, etc…)..basic stuff that is good to know in case you need replace them for any reason (upgrade, repair, etc..).

All The Things (Joe)

Bmaj7 Db/Eb | Db9sus4
Bb7-Ddim7   | Ebm9-Abm7

Db/Eb         Abm7   (Abm7-Abm11)  (2x)

transition to prechorus: Abm11-Bb7-(Abm7)

Abm7  Bbm7    Bm7             
Dbm7  Bm7     E9
Gbmaj7-Abm7'-Gbmaj7 |Fm7(-Gbmaj7)

Abm7  Bbm7    Bm7            
Dbm7  Bm7     E9
Fm7b5 Bb7



Faka Vady (Rak Roots)

Hiran'i Rak Roots rehetra: Rak Roots

C  G  Am  F

Tonony 1
C                                G
 Efa zatra loatra miaraka aminao aho
     G                        Am
Tsy mety tsony raha vao ts'ianao 
     Am                               F           
Efa jamba loatra ny amin'ny fisianao aho 
 F                    C
Tena lafatra loatra anie 

 C                               G
Manembona raha vao tsy eo enao tiako oh 
   G                       Am
Ny anaranao foana no tantaraiko oh 
         Am                    F
Ka ho lazaiko anao fa za' tsy iala e, tsy iala e 
     F                       C
Tsy iala e , tsy iala aminao aho  
                C               G
     Aminao za faly, Aminao za Love e
                   G                            Am
     Aminao tsy mijaly mba sanatria raha mbola iova e 
       Am                      F
     Amen fa ianao no anjarako e
     Fitiavako anao anie ka mamy e 

      C               C               G
     Mamy e, mamy e, mamy e, mamy e, mamy e 
     G                          Am
      Ny fitiavako anao tsy ho lany e 
     Am                                F
      Raha mbola tsy ampy dia mbola ampiko oh 
     F            C
      Ianao tena tiako e 

Tonony 2
   C                            G
Fa ohatrany toy ny vao omaly anie 
       G                               Am
'Lay tsika mifampitantana eny an-dalambe 
                     Am               F
Tsika roa samy nankafy dia samy naka fafiny e 
F                    C
 Tena mbola tadidiko e 

       C                        G
Tiko enao , ka mba avelao za hiteny 
         G                        Am
Mamiko enao , averiko ombieny ombieny 
    F                                               C
Aminao malala ihany aho no mahasahy miteny oe tena tia 

     Fiverenana (2x)

Tonony 3
  C                           G
Tsy nisalala rehefa naka anao e 
       G                                  Am
Vao nanomboka dia hitako enao oe azo atao e 
                  Am                           F
Ravakin’ny tokantranoko oh, Mendrika ny renin-janako oh 

C                                             G
 Miara miainga dia miara tafita miara miosona e 
             G                                  Am
Mino aho f'anao mihintsy le itako tanaty nofiko e  
                             Am                             F          
Miara tonga amin'ny tanjon’irina a tsika iezaka mafy, iara iady e 
Amiko ianao lay oe Faka vady e

     Fiverenana (2x)


Speechless (Michael Jackson)

Your love is magical, that's how I feel
But I have not the words here to explain 
Gone is the grace for expressions of passion 
But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain 
To tell you how I feel 

         Bb          Gm
But I am speechless, speechless 
       Eb              F
That's how you make me feel 
                Bb       Gm
Though I'm with you I am far away 
    Eb             F
And nothing is for real 
         Gm                     F
When I'm with you I am lost for words
  Eb                 F
I don't know what to say 
          Gm              F
My head's spinning like a carousel
   Eb         F
So silently I pray

Bb           Gm
Helpless and hopeless
       Eb         F
That's how I feel inside 
          Bb               Gm
Nothing's real, but all is possible
   Eb           F
If God is on my side 
         Gm                   F
When I'm with you I am in the light
      Eb          F
Where I cannot be found
        Gm                   F
It's as though I am standing in
    Eb                    F
The place called hallowed ground

C           Am
Speechless, speechless 
       F               G
That's how you make me feel 
           C             Am
Though I'm with you I am far away
    F              G
And nothing is for real
        Am              G
I'll go anywhere and do anything
F                  G
Just to touch your face
           Am              G
There's no mountain high I cannot climb 
    F               G
I'm humbled in your grace

D           Bm
Speechless, speechless 
       G               A
That's how you make me feel
           D             Bm
Though I'm with you I am lost for words
    G              A
And nothing is for real

E           C#m         
Speechless, speechless
       A               B
That's how you make me feel
           E             C#m
Though I'm with you I am far away
    A              B
And nothing is for real
E           C#m
Speechless, speechless
       A               B 
That's how you make me feel
           E             C#m
Though I'm with you I am lost for words
    A              B
And nothing is for real

Your love is magical, that's how I feel 
But in your presence I am lost for words 
Words like, "I love you."