Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars)

Am7:   5x555x Am/C: x35555  
Asus4: x02230 A/G:  3x222x
Bb:    6x876x G#/Bb:6x6546
Bm7:   x24232 B7:   x24242
Cm7:  x35343
Dmaj7: xx0222 D6:   xx0202
Em7:   0x0030
Fm7:   1x111x
F#m7:  2xx220
Gmaj7: 3x4333 G/A:  5x543x Gm6: 3xx330
Gmaj9: 324232
G#maj7:4x544x G#/Bb:6x654x G#m7:4x444x
G#:    4x654x

Verse 1
Dmaj7            F#m7          Gmaj7
 Let's take our time tonight, girl
Above us all the stars are watchin'
Dmaj7                  F#m7              Gmaj7        
 There's no place I'd rather be in this world
                         G/A A
Your eyes are where I'm lost in

Am/C              B7
 Underneath the chandelier
       Gmaj7        Gm6
We're dancin' all alone
There's no reason to hide
            Bm7                   G/A A
What we're feelin' inside, right no____w

     So baby let's just turn down the lights
     And close the door
     Gmaj9                                Am7    D6 D/F#   Gmaj7
     Ooh I love that dress but you won't need it a_ny_____more
                   F#m7       B7
     No you won't need it no more
                 Em7             F#m7   Gmaj7
     Let's just kiss 'til we're naked, baby

     Chorus (2x)
         G/A          Dmaj7
     Versace on the floor
     F#m7                 Gmaj7                                          
     Ooh take it off for me,  (for me 3x) now, girl


Verse 2
Dmaj7         F#m7             Gmaj7
 I unzip the back to watch it fall
While I kiss your neck and shoulders
Dmaj7           F#m7           Gmaj7  
 No don't be afraid to show it off
                             G/A  A
I'll be right here ready to hold you

Am/C                   B7
 Girl you know you're perfect from
      Gmaj7             Gm6
Your head down to your heels
Don't be confused by my smile
                Bm7                 G/A       A
'Cause I ain't never been more for real, for real


     Chorus (2x)
Gmaj7 A |Bm7  A D  
Em7   A  Bb  A-G#/Bb   

G#                         Bb
 It's warmin' up, can you feel it 
It's warmin' up, can you feel it
It's warmin' up, can you feel it, baby? 
                Fm7                              Cm7
It's warmin' up, it seems like you're ready for more, more, more
Let's just kiss 'til we're naked
     Chorus (2x)
         G#/Bb          D#maj7
     Versace on the floor
     Gm7                  G#maj7                                          
     Ooh take it off for me,  (for me 3x) now, girl