7 comments on “Mage 4

  1. […] Mage 4 rehetra: Mage 4 A/C#: x4222x Bm': x24430 Bm'/A: x04430 Bm'/E:0x4430 Bm'/F#:2×4430 Bm'/G:3×4430 D/F#*: 2xxxxx D2: […]

  2. Flavien says:

    oatr we aza itserana mage4 na ze mbl ts aminy efa ao

  3. Flavien says:

    slt mb mangatk anle mage4 vao2 le hirain’i Ken

  4. Tsiresy says:

    misy apk vé acoustique gasy

  5. […] Mage 4 rehetra: Mage 4 A': x07655 B7: x21202 C/E: xx2010 Cadd9/E: xx2030 Cadd9: x32030 D2/F#: xx4230 D2: xx0230 D4: x5403x […]

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