Angel (Dru Hill)

Db       Ab/C       |  Abm7/B  Abm/Bb-Bb7
Ebm7     Ab(add9)   |  Gb-Db/F-Ebm7-Db

Bbm7     F7/A-Bbm7-F/C      |  Bbm7/Db  Eb7
Ebm7     Db/F-Gb-Gb(add9)/Ab| (Db-Ebm7-Db/F) 

Gbmaj7   F7/C       |  Fm7     Bb7-Ab/C-Bb/D
Ebm7     Gb/Ab-Ab   |  Db-Ebm7-Db7/F

Bbm7     F7/A-Bbm7-F/C      |  Bm7/Db   Eb9
Gbmaj7   Db/F-Ebm7  Gb/Ab

Gm7b5    C7         |  Abm7b5  Bb7
Ebm7     Gb/Ab      |  Db-Ebm7-Db/F-Db

Bbm7     F7/A-Bbm7-F/C | Bbm7/Db Eb7
Gbmaj7   Db/F-Ebm7-Db

D/E (key change)

Chorus (D) - to be continued
Gmaj7    Gb7/Bb

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